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MAPINFO Secret Map Text Screen Issue

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Hey guys, I'm having some issues with having a certain text screen pop up when going through a certain exit.

When it comes to the MAPINFO, there are four maps, the normal map, the secret map, the credits map that takes place after the normal map, and the extra credits map that takes place after the secret map.

If the player were to take the normal exit, then they should get the first text screen. If they were to take the secret exit, then they are supposed to get the second text screen.

I'm however having trouble getting the secret text screen to show up after going into the secret exit, as it just shows the normal text screen. Below is the layout for the MAPINFO (the original code was edited as the planned WAD is a surprise).

map MAP01 "level"
levelnum 1
titlepatch CWILV00
next END
secretnext MAP02
sky1 RSKY1 0
cluster 3
par 300
music TRACK1

map MAP02 "secret level"
levelnum 2
titlepatch CWILV01
cluster 9
par 450
music TRACK2

map END "credits"
levelnum 3
titlepatch CWILV02
sky1 SKY1 0
cluster 3
music D_COUNTD

map TRUEND "credits (secret)"
levelnum 4
titlepatch CWILV02
sky1 SKY1 0
cluster 10
music D_BETWEE

clusterdef 3
flat FLOOR0_3
music D_READ_M
exittext "Normal ending."

clusterdef 9
flat FLOOR6_2
music D_READ_M
exittext "Secret level entrance"

clusterdef 10
flat GRASS1
music D_READ_M
exittext "Secret ending."
So what can I do to fix this?

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The problem is that MAP01 is cluster 3 and you have exittext set to say "Normal ending." So this means when you exit MAP01 (you exit cluster 3) it will show this text. You should instead give cluster 9 an entertext instead. This way, when you enter cluster 9, it shows you "Secret level entrance."

Also I would suggest using the newer MAPINFO format, as this is the old syntax.

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^ Right, and probably the same with cluster 10, too. Or give cluster 9 both an entertext ("Secret level entrance") and an exittext ("Secret ending.").

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