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Castle Wolfenstein 1.2

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Escape from Castle Wolfenstein – Chapter 2


Major Wilhelm Jürgen sighed irritably. Another accusation! As if I didn’t have enough problems already!
The major threw the paper on the table with disgust. The paper was a letter from the Reichsmarshall’s Office. It read:

To: Major Jürgen
From: Secretary Gierig

I wish to call your attention to Reichsmarshall Directive 197 which explicitly states that all art treasures, artifacts and miscellaneous values scquired during wartime, are to be turned over to the Minister of the Interior for proper disposition. Be advised that any violation of this directive will be treated as a serious criminal offense.

The major had received several such letters recently and they weren’t good for his already challenged nerves.
How did they figure out that I might be hording values? He thought feeling cold sweat on his forehead. The Major had indeed set aside some of the loot for himself.

And then there’s that blasted woman! The Major felt a sting of anger as he remembered the hefty discussion he had had with the Excavation Overseer, Helga von Bülow, a burly woman who had been assigned by the so-called “SS Oberführer” Marianna Blavatsky to oversee the archeological digging that was taking place behind the castle.
The Führer would never approve if he knew that the Reichsführer had assigned women to lead the operation!
The Major gurgled down a glass of whine with a grimace.

“Siegfried!” he barked.
A slightly frightened voice replied from the kitchen.
“Where’s my dinner!” The Major continued in a harsh voice.
“It will be ready soon, Herr Major” the voice replied quickly.

Now, better respond to the blasted letter The Major reminded himself.


BJ opened the door, careful not to make a sound. There was a wooden door on the right and further away, he could see the hallway opening up into a large room on the right. There were medieval suits of armor standing around – one at the end of the hall next to a staircase leading down into the large room on the right, and two standing on his left.
Boy, these nazi bastards must be darn rich since they can afford this shit he thought, while giving the shining suit of armor next to him a short glare.
He snuck closer to the ornate door. A voice suddenly broke the silence.
“What’s going on here? Half the castle guard is missing!” the voice said in German. BJ stood still and listened carefully.
“That’s because the Major just doubled the Guard on the dig site....again” another voice replied with a irritable tone on the word ‘again’.
“Sounds like a bad case of nerves to me” the other voice resumed.
“Well, no wonder. Have you seen the Major Lately? I swear, He looks positively ill”
“Yes, yes, I know. Otto told me that he and that bitch Frau von Bülow just had a major disagreement, I suppose that really shook him up”
“That’s understandable, she’s about as disagreeable as they come!”
“I’ll say. Well I’ll see you later, I have to go and polish my weapon”
“Yeah, see you!”

BJ thought for a brief second. Seems that they haven’t set a trap for me after all he thought and a wide smile formed on his rough face. And this’ll make my escape all the more easier!
He was just about to sneak up the door next to him, when he heard another voice, this time it was farther away and he had to concentrate to hear it all.
From what he could make out, a German officer asked a subordinate if he had had any luck with radio communications to which the subordinate replied that the weather was still blocking all long-range transmissions.
BJ’s smile became even broader. He had been lucky so far. He had encountered very few guards and had been able to kill the few he had come across silently enough to avoid being detected and now it seemed that if he even got detected, he would still have a fair chance at getting out of the castle as the nazis wouldn’t be able to contact their headquarters to call for reinforcements.

He slowly opened the ornate, wooden door on his right and peeked inside. There was a short hallway with a lattice door on the right. Ahead, he could see a room and inside the room stood a German officer in front of a cozy fire in the fireplace. The pleasant crackle of the fire was a strong contrast to the howling wind outside the castle.


The guard was standing relaxed, looking out of the window. Occasionally, he took a puff on his cigarette. He was wearing a cap the same color as his green uniform. Little did he know that his demise was now a few feet behind him.
Blazcowicz felt very tense. He had killed an officer in his personal chamber a minute ago, yet he felt no remorse. Only grim determination. He was getting closer to his victim. A few more feet!
Sweat broke out on his forehead. A nazi might appear behind him every moment now.

The guard in front him suddenly turned around. BJ was too far away to make proper use of his knife and the guard would surely be able to shoot him before Blazcowicz could reach him. The spy reacted by his instincts alone and whipped out the German Lüger and fired the pistol at the surprised soldier in front of him. The shot rang out in the quiet castle room and the man’s head snapped backwards, his cap flying off his head, and a squirt of blood sputtered out from the back of his head and splashed onto the window screen.
The nazi sunk to the floor with a muffled gargle.
Blazcowicz heard confused voices and in the next instant, a terrible, wailing sound echoed throughout the corridors of the castle – the alarm!


Major Jürgen raised his head swiftly as the sound of a distant alarm reached his ears. One thought ran through his mind: Prisoners! They are trying to escape!
The guards in the room looked around in confusion.
“What are you waiting for fools?” the Major bellowed down the staircase behind him leading down to the kitchen, where there was another alarm device.
“Sound the alarm!”

Jürgen grabbed his pistol. Behind him, the alarm in the kitchen began wailing. “Follow me!” he barked at the guards around him and headed in the direction of the blaring alarms. The sound of many boots quickly filled the hallways of the Castle.


Three bodies in German uniforms lay on the gray, cold floor. One of them had two holes in his forehead and the other ones had had their torsos torn to shreds by several bullets. BJ rushed right past the dead nazis that he had just shot with his MP40 submachine gun, giving the corpses a quick look before he ran up a bending staircase.

The staircase led to an outdoor courtyard. BJ almost ran straight out of the opening, but leapt back as a hail of bullets showered the opening.
Oh shit! He gritted his teeth.
He quickly returned fire with the submachine gun. It rattled as he let loose a short burst at a group of green figures hiding behind some crates.
He quickly got back behind cover as a heavy shower of bullets hammered into the concrete in front of where he had been standing.
Damn and damn again! Too many of the bastards out there! Better get my ass back down he thought to himself.

He backed away from the opening and began to slowly move down the stairs.
The sound of running feet reached his ears. It was the sound of German army boots against stone and the sound came from beneath him, down the stairwell.

And the sounds were getting closer.


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And the suspense builds....
Good job, dsm! /me applauds you

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