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Sector portals, UDMF, and my brain

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How to use portals correctly in UDMF is confusing me, and I'm not sure whether it's because they're confusing, because they're subtly bugged, or because I botched a reading comprehension roll.

This zip file contains a simple UDMF MAP01 which does something that surprises me (the chaingunner doesn't wake up until I enter the sector below the portal, even though he's clearly visible on entry to the level and I can pump bullets into him just fine, at which point he will wake up but never shoot back) and also yields an error message about anchors which is confusing me.

So I guess my questions are:

  • What have I got wrong?
  • If I fix that, will the chaingunner see the player immediately?

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Alright. Taking a look at your map, the errors are:

1. As it is now, linedef 0 has Portal_Define with "anchor line id" tagged towards linedef 47. Linedef 47 must not also have Portal_Define -- it should only have the tag.

2. The sector near the Portal_Define line must have the ceiling portal id positive (same sign as the portal id from linedef 0 Portal_Define). The sector far from it (i.e. the sector near the anchor line) must have the negative of that portal id for the floor. Your map has opposite signs.

3. The portal is non-interactive, because you used "Anchor" on linedef 0 Portal_Define. You should use "Linked" instead.

4. Some adjacent sectors have floor portal or ceiling portal mistakenly set and must be removed.

I hope this works for you! Thanks!

EDIT: I might have rushed on some conclusions here. Seems like the chaingunner not seeing you at the start is a legit bug which must be fixed.

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What editor are you using? Does it make it difficult to work with these linedef types and UDMF properties? Or is the designing process fast enough once you get used to it?

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I'm using SLADE. With my confusion cleared up, I'd say that the UDMF workflow for a portal is actually simpler than the UDMF workflow for a basic door.

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