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DOOM 1.1 - 1.9 WADs

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Hey, Guys! I have DOOM WAD files 1.1, 1.2 and 1.9... anyone have 1.666? Sorry in advance as I know this has probably been beat to death on this site but I would like to have it. I officially bought the DOOM Classic Collection on Steam so no pirating from me, I just don't have Ver. 1.666. Thanx.

PS: It's my birthday today and I am staying home most the day playing DOOM 1.2. Haha Fun huh?

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Wait, you mean Doom1, not Doom2. For some reason you can't even officially upgrade the 1.666 retail, only shareware. I do I suspect it was strictly a shareware version?

Edit: Bah, didn't think to check historic. Thanks Grazza.

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Yes I meant DOOM 1. haha but thanx for the link. I have heard there is a registered 1.666 and then I heard it was shareware only slightly confused. I saw a shareware version on CD-Rom on ebay so I know it is a shareware for sure but I am not sure if a registered version exists too.

Thanks, Grazza. I believe this was what I needed.

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crampedmisfit1990 said:

Oh and I own an original CD-Rom DOOM II Big Box version and I checked the WAD file and it is version 1.666. That's the only version I play anymore.


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Because a lot of maps were changed (shifted, etc.) and I see no reason to do so. The 1.666 version was the first pc release on disc and floppy to my knowledge and it is my preferred version.

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