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I may have been playing too much Adventures of Square

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RestlessRodent said:

You made deep dish pizza?

The idea was that originally, but I failed at making the batter. It was too thin to hold too much stuff so it became a normal pizza.

roadworx said:

secondly, even if you were influenced by AoS, that's a rectangle

The green enemies are rectangles though. And I am accepting a square pan as a donation, otherwise that one fits pretty well in my oven so I'll keep using that if you don't mind.

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It was a good pizza, the tuna half was 10/10 and the ham half was almost as good.

Thin, crunchy crust too. My failure on making a deep dish pizza ended up working pretty well.

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VeeTHis said:

That looks so delicious... but why so much cheese?

1- Because I had to stop my mother from adding more.
2- Because it tastes good.

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