No End In Sight demos [-complevel 3]

This is a demo thread for No End In Sight by NaturalTvventy, Xaser and Chris Lutz. It is an Ultimate Doom megawad, so the preferred prboom-plus complevel is 3. The first three episodes are vanilla compatible, so vanilla and choco are also an option, but the fourth ep is definitely limit removing.

Considering the vanilla aspect, the preferred short naming convention should look like, e.g. N1E1-123.


No End In Sight E4M6

UV-Speed in 3:07

Recorded with PRBoom-Plus

-complevel 3


Note: requires v1.2 - get it here.

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100% Secrets - All Maps (except ExM0's).

Recorded with PRBoom-Plus.

Most are recorded -nomonsters -skill 4
Maps that require monsters are recorded -skill 1

The exception is e4m8, which is the above UV-max run.


Note: requires v1.2 - get it here.

Edited by NaturalTvventy

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