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Roman Spirit for Doom 2 (2 Maps )

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Hello ladies and gents

The wad replaces Map01 and Map02 of Doom 2 with my maps.
I used only Doom 2 Stock textures no custom textures.
It has more generic techbase overrun by demons theme to it.


Feedback and criticism is appreciated.
Tested with Zdoom
Download Link:

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There's a bit of 1994-ishness going on, but there are some nice touches and there's definitely potential here.

Particular things that stuck in my mind as I went along:

  • Grinding down Mancubi and Barons with the regular shotgun is pretty tiresome, but with the deployments used in MAP01, not actually difficult.
  • Fighting three HKs approaching from different parts of a medium-sized room is more interesting than fighting one HK in a small room.
  • Cramming in lots of vertical microdetail - chest-high walls etc. - can seriously interfere with the monsters' movement and targeting logic.
  • A pack of multiple lost souls which can see the player but can't reach the player will self-destruct due to infighting.
  • Mark exactly one sector per secret area as being secret. The HUD indicates that MAP01 has seven secrets, but really it only has two - and, even worse, three of the secret-tagged sectors (the wall details in the room with the soul sphere) are impossible to enter, making 100% completion impossible.
  • Nazis outside of Wolfenstein-themed secret levels tend to feel a bit silly.
  • Forcing the player to cross a narrow strip of hurtfloor (like you do early in MAP02) is really annoying because of the way hurtfloor damage is applied. Basically, every N ticks, if you are on a hurtfloor, then you take damage, whether you've been on the hurtfloor N-1 ticks or 1 tick.
  • If you put a monster on a pedestal with the intent that it should stay there, you should set the Blocks Monsters flag on the linedefs making the pedestal. This prevents the monster from getting "pinned" on the edge of the pedestal as a result of knockback from the player's gun. (See: the chaingunner just after the first teleporter in MAP01.)
  • A single spectre in a brightly lit area with only one path to the player is basically just a slab of blurry meat.
  • If you aren't using exotic map trickery, it's worth running your map through an editor's built-in map checker. The SLADE map checker detects six pairs of duplicate linedefs on MAP01: 1505 + 1509, 1506 + 1510, 2017+2019, 2865 + 2875, 2874 + 2876, and 2886 + 2894.
  • The first room in MAP02 has some horizontal texture alignment issues. Most of them should be fixable with the autoalign function of your level editor.
  • The second room has some vertical texture alignment issues and some places where you should probably have set Upper Unpegged and/or Lower Unpegged.
  • Tiny switch linedefs tucked away in wall niches are a pain in the ass to operate.
  • Crate textures look bad on sides that aren't an exact multiple of the crate width (e.g. CRATINY on sides that aren't a multiple of 16 units long).
  • "Short" textures (ones less than 128 units tall, such as CRATINY) should not be used on sides taller than the texture, unless you have already committed to requiring an advanced source port.

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Fixed the Issue with the Secrets now your can complete the level 100%.
Replaced some Demons Spectre to pinky and the Lost Souls Room with Imps and Zombieman.
Used the Slade map checker for the linedef fixed them.
Removed the Nazi in the secret Room.
Updated the Link.

Thanks for the Feedback and Criticism.

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