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Updating The Attic

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I've trying to update the attic recently: https://github.com/Voros2/attic/tree/update/
With the help of symlinks from the Freedoom releases branches, it's become fairly simple. But it seems some things are a bit off.

C3M1's music. I remember there was a different one before Blueworrior's music was added. But the v0.10 branches of Freedoom keep leading me to a midi by someone named wastedjamaican. The midi itself (https://github.com/freedoom/freedoom/blob/v0.10/musics/wastedjamacan/toll.mid?raw=1), I have never heard in game. I guess it'll be moved to attic also, but there was another midi for C3M1. I can't find it anywhere. I think you can hear it in Freedoom 0.10/0.10.1 IIRC

Map24. The 0.10 branch says it's by Cato, but the map doesn't look anything like the map given in the branch. So I just want to confirm whether it was made by Cato or not.

If anyone would like to help, please do. Fredrik's armor pickups, the bonuses, and music from map13, 15, 17, C3M1-C3M8, etc still haven't been added as of yet.

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Which I tried out. What were you thinking while making that map XD
But that map isn't the one in the repo. Who exactly made the map?

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