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Fist Replacement

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I am trying to search for a fist replacement (in which the creator allows it to be used upon I have to give credit to use). Some of the wads I found didn't replace the fists so, anyone know which mod I may please use (and credit)?

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walter confalonieri said:

Did you tried Realm 667 page yet?

not yet

I checked and the only one is the Fist Redux - I know how to integrate the weapon into the game (Super Shotgun in my Hell's Train Station wad in which I have an update for yet waiting on the final touches) yet I just want to have a simple graphical replacement

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Then just rip sprites from any fist-like weapon on Realm667, and adjust the frame names to match stock fist frame names to replace them, or make your own DECORATE for the weapon.

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You could use Freedoom's one. Permission given to use it however you like, whether natively or as a base of modification.

You probably need to modify it anyway.

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