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Ending Idea (UPCOMING MAP)

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Hey guys im the guy who made the post about testing my house but anyway im making my second map which will be a real map and playable since last one was just a test

i want ideas about the ending and you can choose between being a good one or a bad one you can also give ideas about how to end it in any case anything its appreciated down below you can see the map info

Map name (Still deciding it)

Levels (3)

Episodes (1)

The map will have 3 boss fights

being made in GZ Doom Builder and Doom Builder 2 in Hexen Format for DOOM 2 by Aiden

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walter confalonieri said:

this idea isn't that bad, actually!
I like to see it developed and what come out...

yeah the map its actually good the final fight will be in a place you see in the beginning of level 1

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