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The Mine Song But It's In A Playable Doom WAD

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Oh yes I did. I made a joke WAD based on the meme on "The Mine Song" from LazyTown, as the song is aside other memes based on LazyTown songs. It also took me one week to make this. In the WAD, you can battle Stingy, and there are plenty of surprises in the WAD as well. GZDoom is also recommended, or any other source port that runs OpenGL.

Here are some notes about the WAD:
-The death sound for the custom enemy can't be heard on my PC/source port, but can you hear it on you PC/source port*
-For two of the text screens, I'm not sure what the song is. So if any of you guys know, then please let me know. I also got it from here.
-I had some minor troubles with the TEXTURE1 file, as some textures glitched out. If you see any problems with any of the custom textures, then let me know.
-If there are any problems with the gameplay mechanics or any spelling errors, then please let me know.

Below is a video with some gameplay of the WAD, as well as links to the WAD.

Go here to get the WAD (the link is on the bottom of the page):

Or go here for the direct link:

*2/9/2017 Edit: I recently found out you have to kill the custom Stingy enemy properly without using the MDK and/or KILL console codes to get the death sound to play when killing the enemy.

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This is like an inverse terrywad. There's an actual level hidden deep inside, but you have to defeat terry-flavored monsters to reach it.

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Breezeep said:

Looks like you were late to the meme train, pal.

Given most of the kind of tripe is made for Skulltag there isn't really that much of a surprise :D

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walter confalonieri said:

also did a "We are number one" wad will come too?

Technically there was this WAD I reviewed before, but yeah, it's not too much for the song. There's also this video I found on a WAD that revolves around the song, but there's no link to the featured WAD.

As for a WAD from me based on the song "We Are Number One", I'll have some idea for that song, but I would have to find a way to get sprites for the three imperfect clones of Robbie Rotten. Maybe someone could make cartoon versions of the clones, or Photoshop the clones with transparent backgrounds.

Breezeep said:

Looks like you were late to the meme train, pal.

Given how there's still new videos on the meme, it's gonna be a while before it goes away.

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I couldn't find any mechanisms that activate an entrance to the secret level, so I used no clip to find it. I'm not sure if I was missing something, or if I was supposed to use cheats to find it.


I like this WAD a lot, and feel it deserves to be getting a lot more love than it is here. However, I do think that the bosses have exponentially more health than they should have. Having to fight them for so long stretches the humour a bit thin, and really doesn't fit well with this WAD's style. 

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