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Redemption Of The Slain Beta 2.0 Release and Download (Feb/8/2016)

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Go Here to download it or view the first 16 minutes of game play.

Here is a raw 16 minutes of black metal difficulty for Redemption Of The Slain Beta 2. This includes the new area of the map as well as all of the most recent game play changes.

This release includes one additional level that was not present in the previous version. I have also done a ton of changes based on feedback so everything should feel and play a lot better than before. My plans are to add one final battle section at the end of the level which will be included in the next version of the map.

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Yeah I am using GZDoom lighting and not using sector based lighting unless its for ambience.

I still have yet to see if anyone has play tested the level. I might have to push forward with the final battle area without addressing problems that might have been introduced in the latest beta. :/

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