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Hey I was wondering if I could get some tips to improve my enemy placement in maps
I asked a few non doomworld people and they said make something you find fun
However my idea of fun is hell revealed 2 map32 sunder chillax and okuploks slaughtermap
Now when I try to do similar gameplay that ends up being almost impossible and really grindy
I was wondering if anyone had tips for curing myself of this mapping style as lots of people do not enjoy it
And I just want to make maps people enjoy
Is 1 berserk 20 revenants in a hallway too much?
Should it be 20 imps?
10 imps?
5 imps?
A zombie man?
What do you consider balanced fights for a slaughtermap?
What is a good mathematical ratio for weapon to enemy count?
Should I make areas more open?
Because as far as I see it that just encourages circle strafing over and over again
Any response is appreciated unless it's "fuck you" or "troll"

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Let me rephrase that.

If can't finish it the legit way, meaning no grinding or testing your luck or savescumming, nobody can.

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After three years of additional thought on this topic, I have come to the conclusion the best way to improve enemy placement in slaughtermaps is to add revenants.

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Outrageous Videos said:

Well that depends I can beat almost anything with enough grinding
But what is the limit for grinding?

There is no arbitrary limit. You can make your map as ballbusting as you want but if you want people to play it you will have to understand that dying thousands of times without making any progress is not how most people like to spend their weekends.

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