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What resolution do you use to create a Weapon Sprite?

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I'm looking to create a bow and arrow for my WAD for Doom.
I've been looking all over the internet for a suitable resolution in which I can create sprites for my Bow weapon, also I would like to know the resolution of a gun bullet as well.

A video informing me how to create such custom assets would be awesome too! Thank you!

P.S I'm creating the sprites on Photoshop.

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Doom's standard screen resolution is 320x200 if I remember correctly, so if you wanted a weapon to fill the whole screen, that's the size you'd make it.

For comparison, something like the Chaingun is 114x81 pixels. You can use higher resolution sprites and scale them down, but that's the default.

Slade 3 has a handy HUD template that shows you where the status bar and screen center is etc., so that can help you position the images.

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A suggestion, make the sprite for 320x200 but don't instantly cut off the sprite on it's width. I use a 16:9 resolution, and I would really like to see the other end of the bow, and not one where the sprite gets cut off on its sides.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Here's how the bow looks for me on Ghoul 3. Please make your sprites longer than 320x200 if necissary.

Make 'em like this:

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