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Phrygia - On /Idgames!

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/idgames link

Phrygia is a tiny Boom (-cl 9) speedmap that I made while helping a friend get into mapping after the last Joy of Mapping (3) session and uses great-looking textures from Jimmy, plus a beautiful sky from Mech which reminds me a bit of the game which this map's midi and name originate from. Unfortunately my buddy is disinclined to share his map, but maybe I'll get 'em next time ;D We mapped for 3 hours, then spent another on bug fixes, touch-ups, and cackling like hens about our nails and the feathering of our hair. I got some feedback and made a couple quick, minor changes... all-in-all about 4.5 hours of work. The map takes 5 minutes or less to beat and features rocket-centric, light-slaughter gameplay. Difficulty settings are implemented, though admittedly HNTR is a joke setting. Still, HMP is a much easier, more casual experience. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did making and testing it :) Demos and feedback always appreciated.

Special thanks to Jimmy, Mech, and rdwpa.

Edited by Fonze

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Semi-clean UV playthough: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uixosoug4gwc9me/phrygia_rdwpa_cpt.lmp?dl=1.

You should probably make a mapset of RL-centric speedmaps. :D That is kind of what I expected when I saw a thread.


- On replay, I don't see what the crawl to the megasphere at the start adds to the experience. I guess I didn't mind it on first playthrough, but it seems like just a momentary inconvenience.
- Obstructive detailing: the pillar behind the start, and the little one bordering the entrance to the part of the blood pool with the rocket boxes. Stairs could afford to be deathmatchified too, unless they are supposed to be an actual threat (philosophically not something I would endorse).
- Optimal strategy (or easiest near-optimal strategy) boils down to pattern dodging w/ periodic dips into the damaging floor that are comfortably subsidized by the megasphere, but reducing available health or making the floor 10%+ damaging or anything along those lines aren't changes I'd recommend (would seem overbearing).
- I approve of the other geometry changes, including at the final stage. Seems like a cinematic Boom transformation -- the central blood rises, lots of new rooms open up, hundreds of zombiemen and imps backed up by PEs pour out -- would be quite great.
- Pinkies survive single rockets way more often than I realized.
- The gap between -skill 3 and -skill 4 difficulty seems very low. The swapped monsters weren't really serious threats in the first place. -skill 3 might even be more dangerous if the early GA/medkits deceive the player into thinking that they should do something other than immediately get the megasphere. In my FDA for the first version I knew I had to check if it was possible to grab, because there was nothing else. If there were other supplies at the start, it might have cost some additional deaths for me to pay attention and notice the thin strip of marble there.

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Solid run and great watch rd!

I think I have to agree with you on all of your points, save the pillar behind the player start, as that was supposed to be the preferred method of blocking arach shots while dealing with revs; it is a bit obtrusive, though, which prolly could have been done better. A nice-looking, cinematic boom transformation-ending would be a nice addition, as this map feels like it's missing its final fight to me. Perhaps if I do put together a string of RL-centric maps I'll add that into this map's ending. Skill 3 could have afforded to be easier, too, especially given skill 2, or lack thereof.

Thanks for the demo and feedback!

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Boy howdy that is one rude map! That said it's still pretty neat—the main gimmick of the map is trying to effeciently juggle rev rockets, arach bullets, and roaming pinkies all while attempting (and failing) not to blow yourself up. Really creative setup there that can be downright merciless until you start abusing the little lift and diving into the nukage. All the ending stuff was pretty fun too—as soon as a lost soul bumped into me while I was focusing down the AVs, I basically shouted "I'M OUT!" and bolted for the exit, knowing there was a PE you had unleashed somewhere. Poor guy got caught in the bridge room prior though and actually wasn't too nettlesome.

Gotta agree with rdwpa that the item placement in the opening gambit is a bit of a "???", as I'm not sure what they add to the battle other than to kill the player a couple of times at the start. The RL I can kinda see as having a "purposeful" placement, but that megasphere is straight-up troll design, as there's really nothing you can do at the start except sneak around to grab it. Other than that, this was a welcome excursion; I too would totally be down for a short set of rocket combat puzzles!

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Thanks for the feedback dobu!

I agree the ms delivery could have been done better; it was a relic from the initial stages of the map, before the small groups turned into big groups during testing to prevent easy pacifisting, because we must kill all pacifist trolls, or something like that. Mostly just to force the player to wake up most mobs without forcing too hot of a start. As a result of the increased mobs though, it kinda doesn't work too well in its location. So that could have definitely been better. The PE and cacos are a bit bugged it seems; I added them in quickly and messed up the timing of their respective closets opening. They were supposed to come in a couple seconds sooner, before the player would get the chance to see the AVs, most likely, and therefore hopefully alerting the AVs.

I'm glad you liked it; I'm not averse to making many, many more of these, though they are a distraction from the worm hunt map I need to finish. Still, I can't stress enough how helpful and fun speedmaps are; I encourage everyone to do them, even if just for exercise. I'll steadily make these things as I find the time; maybe one day they'll equate to a full set.


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