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[WIP] Temple of Unholy Fire

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My new project for Boom. Miniwad with 4 maps (3 quite large maps and on final boss map) in hellish/marble style influenced by games like Heretic, Hexen and Painkiller with new decorations, enemies and weapons implement with BEX patch. For now there one map (it may take about 1 hour to finish it). Contains new or changed enemies, weapons, decorations (and there will be more). Tested with Pr(GL)Boom+ and GZDoom 2.2.0, these ports are recommended. Applying gameplay mods is strongly NOT recommended, there high chance they will conflict with BEX patch.
List of changes.


- New enemy: Cacospecte. Spectrized Cacodemon with more health, faster movement speed and lower pain chance.
- Aracnhotrons shoot at faster rate. Their projectiles have increased flight speed.
- Mancubus replaced with Chaos Serpent from Hexen. Beware they are far more dangerous than their Hexen version.
- Archvile has new devastating attack. He creates multiple delayed explosion directly on player's position (but you can just step away from it). Yes, no more "find cover or get fried" mechanics. But don't worry, they are still extremely dangerous enemies, just in other way.
- New boss enemy: Ubervile. Boss version of Archvile. It uses same attack as normal viles but also has more health and new special attack.
- Pistol replaced with Burst Rifle. Perfect accuracy hitscan weapons which fires fast triple shots.
- Chaingun has now faster fire rate, but also goes into cooldown state after stopping fire (similar to Plasmagun).
- Plasmagun projectiles deal slightly more damage.
- All original doom light sources replaced with Hexen's and Heretic's ones.
- Also added some decorations from Hexen.


Download on ModDB

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plus 1. i tend to wait until the final product to play maps though.

but you seem to have a lot of talent and i hope you keep it up and keep making more hell maps for us.

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