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I'm considering adding overlay automap in Eternity [also extending standard automap]

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A Github request issue came here, wondering why Eternity still has no overlay automap, when ZDoom has had it since forever, and even PrBoom+ and Crispy Doom seem to have it now. So I decided to try adding it, and it has worked quite well.

Currently, my implementation uses the ZDoom-like TAB switch between none, overlaid and fullscreen automap. Danfun64's description said that PrBoom+ has the "O" key, which I didn't even know about (I didn't even know PrBoom+ has overlaid automap). I just feel that TAB is more intuitive, even though it may bother users who only want two states for the automap: off and on. What do you think?

As for hotkeys, most of them, except for zoom, require the fullscreen automap. Zooming is accepted to change the automap, because as default controls go, zooming the automap is much more useful than reducing the game viewport screen size (old Doom thingie).

I'd like to keep user configuration options to a minimum here.

Currently, I have two variants:
1) Without showing other portal areas. This has the problem that portal line connections aren't very well represented in the map, so they may be entirely missed.

2) Showing other portal areas. Dunno; I guess it may become cluttered if the level is extended vertically too much.

Which do you like more? I guess I also like the second oneā€¦

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Isn't 'showing portal map overlays on the automap' a togglable option right now? So peeps can already choose themselves if they want option 1 or 2. Perhaps make this available for a keybinding.

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Another idea: when the automap is fullscreen, implement a way to visually switch between each portal layer when follow mode is OFF. Useful for large vertical maps where too many dark grey lines would pile up and be hard to discern.

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