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PrBoom+ No Music/Sound Effects

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So I downloaded and installed PrBoom-Plus and everything went okay. Then I turned the sound and music all the way down in-game, and that seems to have been an irreversible decision. I've tried turning the music and sound up but that didn't work. Tried restarting. Even deleted PrBoom-Plus and reinstalled and still no music. What the fuck?

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Do you have sound in any other game? Especially game that uses SDL? look at stdout.txt and see if there are any sound error messages.

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stdout.txt is created after first run of glboom or prboom+. you find the stdout.txt in main prboom+ directory, open stdout.txt in notepad
Also i need to ask, do you use latest vesrion? i know older version have problem with sounds

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38_ViTa_38 said:

Btw, there's no stdout.txt in SDL2 prboom-plus for Windows. You can use "prboom-plus > textfile" in cmd.exe, though.

So why i have this txt file in my prboom+? :-)

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