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Slade for Windows XP?

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Try to download Slade but I did not work because I do not have the msvcp71 file, I decided to download it, I did it but I get the same error, already download some old Slade installers, do you know if there is a one version for Windows XP?

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Slade should work on WinXP according to this post, though I will draw your attention to this bit:

"Going forward, if another issue preventing SLADE from running on Windows XP crops up, I will not be implementing another workaround to correct it and at that point SLADE will no longer officially support Windows XP.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep XP compatibility while moving forward with modern development tools and libraries, not to mention the OS is no longer supported by Microsoft itself."

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On the SLADE website it mentions Windows XP compat.

SLADE website said:

Since v3.1.1.3, SLADE has not run on Windows XP, which was due to the crash report sending feature introduced in that version. With v3.1.1.5 I have provided a Windows XP build that disables this feature, so it should run again.

In addition you'll find the requirements stated here.

SLADE website said:

SLADE 3.1.1 requires the 32-bit Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Runtimes (x86) to be installed, which can be downloaded here: Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime (make sure to get the x86 version).
Note that the Windows installer will automatically download and install this when installing SLADE

Make sure you have the most recent installer, and the one that is XP-compatible. If still with issues, you can find the VC++ 2015 Runtime here.

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