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Making giant demons

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Hey everyone, first port here so please don't rip me to shreds

Anyway, I was curious. I want to make a funny gag boss in my WAD, being a huge zombieguy. I'm just having trouble figuring out how to do this, as replacing the sprites would make all my regular zombieguys massive too. Help would be greatly appreciated


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If your wad is specifically for ZDoom-based ports, define the monster in DECORATE, possibly directly inheriting from Zombieman, but giving it greater Width and Height (to upscale his hitbox) and Scale (to upscale his sprites).

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My idea was that you'd make a DECORATE with content like this:

actor GiantZombieman : Zombieman 12345 {
  Width 80
  Height 224
  Scale 4.0
And possibly other properties, flags or states changed. Then placing a thing with editor number 12345 into your map in a map editor would spawn GiantZombieman in the game.

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