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DOOM soundtracks on cassette tape.

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Been meaning to post this for a while.

A friend sent me this as a gift, has the soundtracks to 1+2 in MIDI from the PC version, and a few tracks from PSX DOOM (including the awesome "Club DOOM" track)

1/1 ever made, source of creation: unknown.

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wow, its label and box looks pretty decent, especially for what i'm guessing isn't a commercial product.

btw, nice fence.

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Neat! I had a plan a while ago to make myself something similar. This definitely looks the part. What type is it (I, II, IV)? How's the recording quality?

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I had tried to record the soundtrack on tape too back in the day (from other games/MIDI files too), but FM synthesis was hard to get right on tape: output level was low (when compared to samples/PCM sound), and the dynamics were heavily compressed too. In the end, it sounded too thin/tinny, and at least on Type I tape with no NR, the results were quite poor. While playing the game this was not a problem because of the "multimedia" speakers with bass and midrange boost, but recording to tape without such embellishments was meh. OTOH, soundtracks from games with module/tracker soundtracks worked MUCH better...that's why I wished for Doom to have been released with a tracker music soundtrack :-/

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DoctorGenesis said:

That picture is badass! Now all ya need is DOOM on vinyl!!!!

well, there is the Doom 3 theme that was released in a limited 500 vinyl release. good luck finding that at all, though.

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