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(Scrapped) Fleshcrystal [Pre-Alpha v2]

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Only tested in GZDOOM.

Fleshcrystal was a map loosely based on the "Naica Mine" or "cave of the crystals", hence the name.
Many a people upon the Jom discord and /vr/ are responsible for helping get this thing moving into motion.

The themes are:
Temple (not originally part of the plan)
De-Facto Crystal Cave
De-Facto FleshBeast (see: going down, hadephobia, eye, etc.)

Have some screens


Music Source is C&C Twisted Insurrection

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That white crystal on the left of the first screen looks really weird and out of place, almost as if it was photoshopped. Consider lowering the brightness to make it seem more like a part of the same scenery. Also not sure why there is a small piece of white rocks above the bridge. And on the second screenshot you could make the rocks non-orthogonal for a more natural feel. Interesting pics otherwise.

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Hey, thanks. Appreciated.

I noticed the white thing after taking the screen and will fix that for next version.

Will try to turn down the brightness on the Wolfenstein3d Door texture crystal (somebody suggested to take a horizontal 1-pixel swatch out of it, not entirely sure what they meant- either or i'm trying to work only with vanilla d2 textures).

Added a picture of the current map in the builder (it hasn't been updated with the fixes)

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