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Plutonia 2 Soundtrack: OPL Synth cover

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[Youtube link HERE]

Hello again!
In the same manner I recently recorded the Plutonia MIDI Pack, now I recorded also Plutonia 2 soundrack with OPL synthesizer!
After finishing Plutonia I got into playing its unofficial sequel, Plutonia 2, which comes with really great new songs, which were composed mainly by James Paddock (who initiated the Plutonia MIDI pack and contributed a few songs into it too), Jamie Robertson and a few other authors. As I always enjoy listening to new Doom music with ZDoom's build-in OPL synthesizer, I just could not resist to record and upload the soundtrack.

Doom provides really outstanding OPL soundfont, which is defined in GENMIDI lump. However, some of the original instruments defined in Doom2's GENMIDI I was not very happy with - they either sounded crappy, or I wanted to improve and highlight them. So the soundtrack I recorded does not sound exactly like if you just play Plutonia 2 with OPL emulator, but I gave new sounding to many instruments, trying to make the songs sound better and closer to how they were probably intended (I got inspired by the recordings with Arachno soundfont). So enjoy this kick-ass music and let's show that OPL synth still has a chance to compete with modern MIDI synthesizers and fancy soundfonts!

For those who are interested: Here you can download the GENMIDI lump I used for recording.

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So you made a new GENMIDI just for this? Impressive! It actually sounds very good.

Thanks for uploading the soundtrack in this form.

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