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Zandronum sector light bug

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You mean how differently angled walls have different brightnesses? In software renderer, this is a deliberate feature called "fake contrast" and only applies to orthogonal walls. Looks like they've implemented it in Zandronum's OpenGL, surely deliberately. If you want it off, try messing with sector light modes (or other lighting-related options) in OpenGL options.

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No, look at floor, left side is darker than right side(first shot). but i tried what you write and in bright or dark sector light mode the floor lighting is ok but the sector is too bright or too dark so is pretty *** :-D

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didn't know because gzdoom doesn't work on my graphic card :-/

edit: finaly discovered what cause the poblem, it was the UDMF map format which map use. i try to change the format to doom in hexen and the weird floor lighting is gone. wondering what exactly in UDMF can cause the bad lighting

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