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Crucible bears Slayers mark, why?

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I remember Haydens voice saying the "Crucible bears your mark". Did it tell us anything about Slayer? As far as I remember after reclaiming the Crucible the game has shown us a few screaming flashbacks but thats it?

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It's likely a relic from Argent D'Nur that was utilized to create the Well by the demons after they conquered it. I'd suggest Doom Slayer used it as a weapon at some point, either before or after that.

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Yeah, I heard that too. In the ancient days, he used the crucible as a sword to slice through demons with. Pretty bad-ass sword, too bad id never got around to making it an actual weapon you can use. Since Bethesda and id are partnering companies, maybe we can get a little homage in the next Elder Scrolls game, maybe something about a side quest of scouring Hell for a little bit to find it. Don't lie, that would be awesome.

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