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Does the DOOM Sprites have X axis?

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I was thinking some minutes ago about this, in our real world all type of things have ZXY axis, it's illogical to not have one, but when it comes to a game? i belive "Universal Laws" like these stay present.

But i already see before a sprite in a perfect left and right position, and they are invisible because of being 2D, like a paper, i get very confused.

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MetroidJunkie said:

Technically, isn't it a Z axis they lack since they're 2D images? Up/down would be Y and left/right would be X.

The monsters are in a 3D space, XY are in horizontal position, so if something needs to have height obviously need to have Z.

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MetroidJunkie said:

I was referring to the dimensions of the sprites themselves, though, not the world space they reside in.

Yes, in an image editor, just XY will be used, but if so rendered in DOOM? The extra axis can not be ignored, if the monsters use XY instead of ZY, what about the walls? Are 2D as well?

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The sprites in Doom are just 2D flat images placed in the center of invisible 3D hitboxes, essentially.


While we don't see the green box in the game, it represents what we can shoot/collide with. The sprites are 2D images are placed in the center of the hitbox.

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