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GZdoom loading error

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hey I got a custom GZdoom build from my cousin, and I go to click on the exe and it does nothing it want even load the iwad selection screen or nothing, can somebody please help me out on this I just got hope from a 12 hour trip and I want to play doom fan made wads is there a way to make the exe like just a drag and drop feature or is this the only way to have to use the iwad selection screen. I would like to have the drag and drop feature without the iwad selection screen. :(

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...I hope I'm not being pranked by a troll...

First of all, tell us what this "build from your cousin" is specifically, or at least to the best of your abilities. What operating system are you running? What version of GZDoom is it supposed to be? If it's for a common operating system like Windows or Mac, why not try the official stable build here... maybe even something from here if necessary?

If you are using a Debian based OS, why not try this?

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