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Par Times Challenge

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Par times have been based on old demo runs. I still think par times should be based on demos, rounded up to the second. Levelstat prints in hundredths of a second, so players with lowest time has name listed, even if par time is the same. Par times will show what is humanly possible in a map, not just a random number that sounds good.

Maybe it is time to start the Freedoom demo scene. Have your name in the Dehacked, with your best speed run as the par time.

Luckily the par times are listed almost at the very top of the dehacked:

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Most of those aren't random numbers, mind you. The last few map, around 25-27, are kinda random.

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Both Vanilla / Chocolate Doom haven't hardcoded par times for Episode 4. These times were a mystery, until the BFG Edition was released, just because Nerve bothered to add them once and for all. PrBoom-Plus added these ones extracted from the BFG Edition. Unfortunately, won't allow a BEX patch change them, if I am understanding right.

For episodes 1-3: par <episode> <level> <time in seconds>


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