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wesleyjohnson's (C)E1M1(/MAP01) edits

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Hey, I'm trying to assemble a PWAD of my old MAP01/E1M1 (I've made a few more improvements, kind of a last "director's cut") to put on /idgames, and I'd like to include (on other map slots) variations on the map made by other authors.

I have a vanilla-ified version by Giancarlo Laso (Shadow1013) from "Invasion of the Damned", which, even though I was dead set against my map being vanillaified for Freedoom, is pretty interesting to play through.

But I recall wesleyjohnson made some edits that didn't get merged (some of which I really disagreed with, but not all of them). I'd like to add his edits to my PWAD, but I can't find his wads - I've tried searching forum threads and I've looked over the old FTP dump I put up at https://jmtd.net/tmp/freedoom_old_ftp/ but they aren't there.

Does anyone (including wesley :)) still have them?


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Thanks - this looks to be what I was looking for.

Edit: just realised TheGreenHerring made some edits too. Mustn't forget them!

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He (or someone else) also removed the falling rocks from the first section. It's frustrating that the full history is not in git. Ah well.

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Oh! that's much more recent than I thought. Thanks. Another person to credit ;) (Although I'm putting back in a version of the collapsing wall, albeit better)

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