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In transit

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Alright, Friday evening I'm starting the drive back to Dallas. This means I'm pretty much gonna be offline for those four days, maybe longer. I may or may not be able to beg some computer time off the people I'll be staying with en route, and even if I can it'll only be in the late evening or early morning.

Also, I have no idea when I'll have a stable connection at school again. I don't know the status of my neighbor's cable network, but going by e-mails from my roommate I'm not optimistic about it.

On the plus side, once everything gets settled, I'll be online more often. No more time limits, no more comp sharing, no more exceedingly slow DW loading thru Qwest... It'll be cool.

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Sweet, you'll be able to be on here more often and then that means you'll be on AIM more and that means I can bug you and that makes me happy :)

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Still alive, and stealing the roomoff's dial-up right now. Ironically, DW loads faster on Juno dial-up than it does on Qwest DSL.

The trip was fun, if long. 21 hours driving spaced over three days. Got to see some folks I hadn't seen in a while. Didn't get into any wrecks, although I saw what was left after some spectacular ones.

Back in the apartment; my roommate was here all summer and left the place absolutely trashed. Junk piled high in the bedroom, and I'm almost afraid to go in the bathroom. There's this orangish film all over everything. Think I can get this place cleaned and livable in 15 weeks?

Lots of administrative dogshit to go through today. Sign the lease, get the parking pass, take care of what I owe the school, et cetra, ad nauseum. Have to go out to get groceries tonight. Which is better, SuperTarget or WalMart Supercenter? Also need to get a wireless modem to get to the school system. Any suggestions on that front?

Three last notes: Hot and humid after three months of hot and dry sucks. I am never upgrading to Windows XP. And my roommate is, as always, an idiot.

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