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Doom Levels That Influenced You

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Cannonball's "Thy flesh turned into a draft-excluder", especially open non linear exploratory maps like E4M3.

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A lot of my early CTF work was inspired not by Doom, but by Quake 2 CTF - taking neat details or areas that I thought were interesting and re-contextualizing them.



No pictures of the original, but there was an Unreal CTF map whose two flag rooms were right next to each other, where you could see clear into the other base separated by a big sheet of hexagonal glass. I just looked through the entire UT99 GOTY CTF maplist and didn't see it, so I'm not sure which map it was.


I really liked the unique layout of this room, with three ways in at different levels (upper floor, main floor, water entrance), so I used it for a flagroom.


I liked the detailing of this map, so I kinda....played with it until I had something unique and cool looking.


The two rooms are more similar than they appear. The Q2 picture was actually taken from the opposite corner of my picture - there is actually an upper entrance in the original map too, though it's more of a room and not a completely open space.

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I forgot about another important influence in my earlier post. E4 of Ultimate Doom made me really fond of the wood and marble hell aesthetic, which I'm planning to use on a couple of my maps in the near future.

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