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This foahkeen guy man. I have to commend him. I saw his no upgrade UNM run on the last level. Switching from super shotty to rocket launcher to gauss single shots while in midair whilst aiming exactly where you want to aim and also making sure you will land where you have to whilst still in said midair, I just can't pull it off. And obviously I'm playing on pc too. And to top it all off, iirc he got hit once in 3 arenas. wtf .... is he human?

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Kapanyo said:

I've seen his classic Doom runs ~ I had no idea he did Doom 2016 as well!

Yepp!! Type zeromaster in youtube! Because im on the phone rightnow and its a pain to link. The first thing to come up should be the one i mentioned.

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GDQ's are application based. The runner puts in a run pitch, it's not the organizer's finding runners.

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