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Looking for: Weapon Mods - More guns, the better.

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Greetings and salutations.

I am currently looking for any .wad that chucks a lot of weapons at the player. Not any "progressive upgrading weapons" mod nor "adds a railgun and a grenade launcher" thing, or god forbid, any fancy "higher quality reskins and more frames" mod! I need a LOT of guns for my new adventure (uhh, not cool enough), and something similar to this would help me a lot:


And Russian Overkill doesn't help specifically because... well, its OP. And all those fancy sprites can make my computer choke down and die.

So if you have any bad-quality weapon .wads with a nuketon of "ehh"-ly ported weapons or just plain stuff that barely makes any sense but doesn't make sense A LOT, please share! Im not looking for just weird looking weapons wads, but weird looking MASS of weapons wads.

Thanks in advance and thanks for tolerating my shit.

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Vorpal said:

The thing you linked looks like ported weapons, which you state you don't want

Oh, that it just a example of what I would want. Im just tired of all the fancy stuff. Gib gunz even badly ported ones.

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