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Death Egg

Unreleased source ports

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I found a sudden interest today in looking at or reading into source ports that are currently being developed but aren't officially released yet. The only ones I know of offhand though are KBDoom, DM2K, _bruce_'s unnamed truecolor port, and the KEX Engine. (Is that last one unreleased?) I also remember some kind of Chocolate Doom port with shadows? Are there other interesting source ports with unique features or peoples home ports that have been talked about but not shown?

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Not actually a port, but rather a total conversion, never announced to the Doom community (was announced in a Pascal development community instead) was Portal. It is a stand alone game coded back in 2012, based on DelphiDoom's source code ( beta - opengl mode).

It added new features to the Doom engine such as:

  • Object indicators (friendly/interactive/pushable/enemy)
  • Pushable oblects
  • Interactive objects
  • Comic bubbles with interactive dialog (engine suppoted also voice but game data was limited to bubble text only)
  • Sloped surfaces
  • 3D mesh map enhancements
  • Hub level progression
  • Procedural generated content (scenery)
  • Both procedural(pascal compiled code) and scripted AI (ACTORDEF)
  • Clevel chase camera (AI controled)
  • AI controled fog
  • Underwater player control (swimming)
  • Earthquake effect
  • AI controled movement restriction rules(eg direction turn)
  • New HUD
Some of the above features were backported to DelphiDoom (eg pushable and interactive objects etc) and some others were re-implemented using different approach (big portions of the pascal compiled code AI can be reproduced with DelphiDoom's 2.0 PascalScript).

This is the (Download link) (The game itself does not feel like Doom).

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There was a direct port of SRB2, which is essentially Doom Legacy, that was ported to Android. SRB2 is essentially my first interaction with Doom, even though I didn't know about Doom that time, I just know I had fun on both singleplayer and multiplayer. Last I checked on the progress of SRB2, was that they are adding slopes (!).

Anyway, no download link though. Too bad, would've loved to try it out.

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Eschdoom, the author of Doom 2 Reloaded, allegedly made a fork of PrBoom-plus that displayed the game from isometric top-down perspective. I remember seeing screenshots and maybe even a video on his website, which is now down. The port itself was never released. See also this post.

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