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Brutal Doom: GamingMarine Addon

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Hi there.
I've just started getting into making Doom MODs, and I decided to start with an addon for Brutal Doom.
Brutal Doom: GamingMarine Addon is EXACTLY what it sounds like: an addon for Brutal Doom.
I've been working on it for about a month now, and I'm not going to upload it to ModDB or anything like that until I hear your thoughts.

It's currently in beta, so there's plenty of time for me to change stuff.


-Brutal Doom: GamingMarine Addon tends to go for a "classic BD" feel to it, so older sprites for some weapons (Currently the chainsaw, assault rifle, minigun, rocket launcher, and even kicks) make a return.
-Shotgun has been reskinned; The Doom marine now holds the shotgun that was used in Doom and Doom II (Sprites by Thke).
-Alternate SSG and BFG (Sprites by Blackmore1014).
-A brand new weapon: The pistol. This weapon is found in slot 2, and is pretty much a backup weapon for the assault rifle. Uses rifle ammo, and can hold up to 15 bullets per round.
-All weapons will be switched to automatically when picked up, like in older versions.
-Almost all weapons (Even the Skulltag weapons!) can be obtained via cheats.
-A few unused frames from fatalities now make a return. I'll have to speed these frames up, like what was done in v19.
-A few sound errors for the fatalities were fixed.
-Archvile's fatality is sped up. Yay!
-Doom's decorations will appear in FreeDoom.
-Alternate sprites of items (Sprites by Blackmore1014).
-Nazis will no longer be replaced by evil marines in MAP32: Grosse and/or custom maps.
-Sounds, sounds, sounds! Lots of new sounds for weapons, monsters, gore, the player, items, footsteps, and even doors!
-A few classic sounds were reintroduced into the game.

There are a few more changes, but it's more fun to discover them for yourself than to read about it, isn't it? :)

Wanna play this? Grab it here:
Remember that this is an addon, and it cannot be played without Brutal Doom.

Share your thoughts about it, whether or not you want me to change stuff, if there's anything I should add, etc.

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