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Editing projectiles (Imp fireball)

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Hey, second post here

I made a giant imp successfully, but its kinda useless. His fireballs fire from his feet and are tiny so I thought, lets make his fireball bigger!
Well, yeah, after looking for ages I couldn't find any decent info which was kinda frustrating. Any help would be appreciated


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Both monsters and projectiles are actors, so define giant projectiles exactly the same way how you've defined giant monsters, by inheriting from the original actors and changing some properties. To solve the height problem, let your imp spawn the custom projectile via A_CustomMissile instead of A_TroopAttack in his Missile animation in his States, with an appropriate "spawnheight" parameter.

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Ok I figured it out, thanks heaps. Now I'm curious as to how I could get the fireball to spawn an imp when it blows up. Any ideas? I tried the a_dropitem command but couldn't really figure it out. Sorry for my noobness

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