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Lila Feuer

[GZDoom] A way to fine-tune ambient occlusion?

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One of my favorite features from Doomsday has come over to GZDoom now, and I'm wondering if there's a command line or something in the gzdoom.ini that adjusts the intensity of ambient occlusion as opposed to just low/med/high settings from the in-game menu as I couldn't find anything. If not, may I request to Graf Zahl a slider for ambient occlusion to adjust intensity via a slider like you can do with the GL lighting?

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The quality setting for SSAO in GZDoom just controls how many ray tests it does per pixel. Ideally it would always be on high.

What you are looking for is the gl_ssao_strength CVAR that you can change in the console. It defaults to 0.7 and adjusts the intensity.

There's also a few more CVARs: gl_ssao_bias, gl_ssao_radius, gl_ssao_blur and gl_ssao_exponent. But none of those are saved in the config file right now. The bias controls how the angle between the pixel and the ray tested pixel affects the AO. The radius how close a ray tested pixel must be to affect the result. gl_ssao_exponent is kind of like gl_ssao_strength, except it is exponential. gl_ssao_blur is how much blur is applied.

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