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Are "obligewads" allowed in here?

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If you're using generated levels as the base and meaningfully modifying and adding to them yourself, a la the Russian "freakmapping" sessions, then yes.

If you're posting generated levels by themselves without modification, it's better to just post the settings and random seed you used to generate them.

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I have to disagree. Downloading a wad seems more convenient than opening some program I might have buried somewhere deep in my Doom folder, entering the seed and hoping that I did everything correctly, have the same Oblige version, etc.

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i think you should only post oblige megawads if you have a lot of experience playing (and preferably making) doom wads, so that you can distinguish between an unusually good oblige wad and something meh

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The problem is there is already more good hand-crafted content than any one person has the time to play.

This is really it.

There is this strange pattern of people seemingly coming back to Doom through Oblige, being excited about it, then discovering Doomworld, wanting to post their cool Oblige wads and then feeling disappointed at the Doomworld meanies BANNING their Oblige wads.

But there isn't such a ban. It's more that you can't force people to play something they don't want to play. It's like uploading a 2 minutes Youtube clip of you poorly singing a famous song in your bedroom and blaming the platform if it doesn't perform as well as the latest VEVO video. Nobody is against you doing so, they just aren't interested.

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