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an easy Auto Map Builder for Doom 3.

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Welcome, I think it's a pretty cool tool, Gives me a reason to re-install Doom 3 :P, I don't know if it's flexible enough to allow creating sloped surfaces and that kind of complex stuff but it would definitely reduce effort needed to build maps, especially if you're allowed to modify the maps you generate using the regular Doom 3 Editor.

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GoatLord said:

Why would anyone want to build Wolfenstein levels in Doom 3?

I believe the idea is to use the tool to create the basic layout and then do detailing afterward. But it's a moot point seeing as Doom 3 mapping is basically dead.

I never liked Doom 3 mapping much honest. The fact that the game puts such a large focus on super high detail means that it takes FOREVER to make a decent map if it isn't suppose to look like a piece of crap. I remember it taking me months to make even just simple maps that did not have even half of the detail of the original maps.

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