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Doom On DVD

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Kevin Manne pointed us to a source port of DOOM that has just been released for the NUON DVD platform (NUON is the name of a chip designed by VM Labs that brings interactive features to DVD players in which it is integrated). Originally used as a technology demo to show how easily games could be ported to NUON, this port is said to have been done over a weekend. Currently, it runs the shareware doom1.wad file, but it should be possible to add additional .wad files in the future. The source code will also be released shortly. More information, screenshots along with a zip file can be found here.

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Glad you guys posted this as well, we need all the DOOM ports we can get, an AmigaNG port of Legacy would be the best though! :)

Anyhow, this don't work on my DVD, or at least it did not do shit, except the screen stayed blue, the timer counted to 30 some seconds, the it stopped. Wonder if this works on console systems with DVD drives?

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Kevin from NUON-Dome here :)

This Doom port will only work on DVD players with the NUON processor in them, and then only those of which that have the ability to read CD-R/RW media. That leaves the Samsung DVD-N50x models - not a whole lot, unfortunately, but those of us who have them are psyched to have Doom available now!


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XDelusion said:

Glad you guys posted this as well, we need all the DOOM ports we can get

Woot, CellPhoneDOOM :)

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