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Naked Snake

The Deathmatch

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[UD]deathz0r ran down the hall, his SSG ready to rock, his heart pumped in his chest. His heavy breathing was only heard by him, due to his helmet. The crack of the shotgun alerted him of the presence of Toke, who lugged around a sawed off .12 gauge. [UD]deathz0r dodged the incoming buckshot and hid around the corner. He took a sharp breath and rushed around the corner, screaming a primal howl that made his blood run hot. He fired his load of buckshot into the chest of Toke, who fell, dropping his weapon. Toke had a little life left in him, his hand moved towards the weapon, but [UD]deathz0r snatched it before Toke could.
"heh" [UD]deathz0r sneered as he looked down at Toke, who looked up at him, his eyes wide and his expression that of anger. [UD]deathz0r used Toke's own weapon to blow his head off, smearing brains on the ground. [UD]deathz0r continued running, now carrying the sawed off shotgun, his new treasure.

Toke respawned in a courtyard, [UD]deathz0r was far away. Toke knew he had to get a better gun than the worthless pistol. Toke walked slowly towards a colum which had switch. He didn't know what was on top of that colum but he wanted it! He reached the switch and pressed it, the click of the switch startled Toke slightly. The colum lowered to reveal two things. A Soul Sphere and another pistol, which Toke gladly took. Two pistols are great, Toke liked them, akimbo weapons are one of his favourite things, aside from the sawed off shotgun. He stood on the colum to long and it rose again. Toke didn't want to hurt himself by jumping down so he looked for an alternative. He saw a grate not far from the colum, he could easily jump into it. He blasted the grating to shards and leaped in. Suddenly a message appeared on his visor's readout. FODDERS_DS HAS JOINED THE DEATHMATCH. Shit shit shit! Fodders_DS, one of the deadliest in deathmatch, very oldschool. Toke cursed to himself all the while as he crawled through the dust vent...

Fodders_DS shook his head. He had always hated teleportation, made his head hurt. Gripping tightly on his pistol he headed off to find a victim. He was not the type to keep his pistol long, usually trading it for a rocket launcher or something heavy like that. The clacking of his boots echoed off the walls of the narrow dark hall. *crash*! A grate fell from the ceiling and Toke fell, landing on his feet with a grunt. Fodders_DS instantly snapped to action, shooting at Toke before Toke even knew Fodders_DS was there...

Toke took a bullet in the arm, which splashed blood on the walls. Getting shot pissed him off. He raised his dual pistols and blasted away down the hall, noting with a sick satisfaction the grunts of pain and the shower of blood. "Gotcha, ya oldschool bitch" Toke thought with a smile.

Fodders_DS had taken 6 shots to the chest, his blood flowed from the wounds but still he found the will to go. He had no ammo so he tossed the gun and rushed out from behind the small pillar straight towards Toke, his iron-clad knuckles ready to break some face! The adrenaline flowwing gave Fodders_DS boosted power. Toke didn't have time to fire before Fodders_DS brought his fist up to his jaw, breaking it. Another punch broke 3 of Toke's ribs. Toke fell to the deck but blasted Fodders_DS with his pistols, finally bringing Fodders_DS down.

[UD]deathz0r heard gunshots elsewhere but he ignored them so he could stock up on ammo for his shotgun and rocket launcher. He had strapped the shotgun to his back to heft the rocket launcher. He looked out the window at the courtyard.
"What the hell? Toke climbed through the vent!" [UD]deathz0r whispered to himself. [UD]deathz0r ran out to seek down Toke and pump him full of lead...

Toke was hurt, bad. He needed health NOW! His body wracked with pain as he stumbled down the hall, looking around for a medkit or stimpack, fuck, even a health potion. Toke heard footsteps. Well, he thought he did. He readied himself to put up a fight as he saw his enemy, [UD]deathz0r, round the corner. He aimed and started to fire when he saw the rocket race towards him. He quickly hit the dirt and the rocket flew overhead. Toke blasted at [UD]deathz0r, his dual pistols spewing their deadly bullets toward him. [UD]deathz0r ducked around the corner, then hopped back around when the firing stopped and fired another rocket at Toke, which struck him dead on. Toke's body splattered into gibs, filling the hallway with gore.
"Heh" [UD]deathz0r chuckled.

Fodders_DS aimed the BFG 9000 at [UD]deathz0r and pulled the trigger, grinning to himself. He was sneaky, in their battle they totally forgot that he was even there.

[UD]deathz0r heard the whine of a BFG and froze.

The ball escaped the BFG and headed at [UD]deathz0r, unrelentingly.

[UD]deathz0r turned to the side just in time to be hit with the BFG energy ball, gibbing him upon impact.

Fodders_DS stood up from his hiding spot and whispered his mantra.
"You are my opponent, but not my enemy,
For your resistance gives me strength
Your will gives me courage
Your spirit ennobles me
And, although I aim to defeat you,
Should I succeed, I will not humiliate you
Instead I will honour you..
For without you, I am a lesser man."

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Hm, interesting, but these DM stories are hard to kinda get immersed in because the situation is so surreal imho.

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dsm said:

Hm, interesting, but these DM stories are hard to kinda get immersed in because the situation is so surreal imho.

Yeah, DM stories ARE hard to make...

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fodders said:

Shaddup, I won :D

That has nothing to do with the immersion factor of the story itself.
Btw, you must be a bit out of shape since you got fragged once - guys like you can normally win a deathmatch with a puny pistol without getting fragged once :-P

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Night-Fang said:

Right Right Ralph.

But, that is SOO cool! Awesome story!

Thanks NightFang, I might try to make a few more...though the weaponry won't always be Doom weapons...

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bigbadgangsta said:

"Eat it Toke!" [UD]deathz0r sneered as he looked down at Toke

Replace "Eat it Toke!" with "heh", and I'll have no problems with your story.

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deathwarrior said:

Replace "Eat it Toke!" with "heh", and I'll have no problems with your story.

Your wish is my command (only in this case however ;))

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