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The DWIronman League dies to: Back to Saturn X E1

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Ordinarily I'd have put up the next thread by now, but there's still a few trickling in at the last. One of the 'super friendly' playtesters is knee-deep in the Stations as we speak...

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Sorry for the delay! :) I did start in March, I swear!


The overall time of the recording is more than twice as long as the run itself. I dunno if that disqualifies me, but I had to pause throughout the run for extended periods several times, because my eyes were simply burning too much to continue. I've never encountered health issues like that before, I might be getting old.


I have to say, Krypto should be considered the winner of this race despite my time. I know the wad inside out, I used several fairly dirty playtester tricks and I still managed to nearly lose to him. Utmost respect.



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Short enough almost to watch in its entirety! I probably won't, though; you'll have to make do with the infinite plaudits. Well done! That's fine going, even for someone so, so familiar with the material.


This all said and done, I'm not sure if this proves Bloodite's mortality or further confirms my fears that he might be some sort of ungodly machine. Awesome stuff, both of you.

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Necroing the thread! I grabbed the whole run with prboom-plus at 1080p and 60fps. It took mere 13 hours, heh. Then I had to upload it with Vivaldi, because Firefox kept crashing on such a big file. It's great to see YT didn't butcher it with their weirdo encoding.

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