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Eternity moving faster than other source ports?

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I'm sorry for asking this, but it's been bothering me, and I haven't been able to find an answer.

Is there a reason Eternity would seem to move faster than other source ports? I've been switching between it and PrBoom+ recently, and it feels like the character's walking speed is literally a little bit faster. It's super subtle; like, my perception would be that if it were a 1 in PrBoom+, it would be a 1.1 in Eternity, but it feels different.

Both are running on capped framerate mode, and though none of my FPS-checking programs seem to work with PrBoom+, I don't believe it's running slowly.

If there isn't a literal speed difference, is there something I'd be perceiving that would be unique to Eternity? Maybe even something graphical? I hope I'm not just making this up, but I feel like I might be.

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The first thing to check is in the menus where there is the option "Game Speed, Percentage of Normal". Naturally, it should be 100 in both cases.

In Prboom+ it's quite easy to change the game speed accidentally if you have gamespeed+ or gamespeed- mapped to keys that you might (depending on your control set-up) press by mistake. I have them mapped to keys that are far from any that I use for other purposes.

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