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Deutex error: "error: GIF too short"

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This is a question for you deutex wizards out there.
I'm currently trying to build an Heretic iwad from the Blasphemer repository, if you don't know what blasphemer is: it is basically the equivalent to FreeDoom, but for Heretic instead.

Now, getting to the meat of the problem: i picked up deutex, downloaded the complimentary cwsdpmi.exe and run it in dosbox using the command: "deutex -make wadinfo.txt blasp.wad" as usual.
Now, it manages to make sounds, graphics, sprites and wall patches, it starts making flats and then spit out this error message from the title: "Error: GIF: too short".

Obviously this error is a bit too vague to understand what's going on, and looking at the github repository this seems related to an incorrect read:

   /* Initialize the Compression routines */
   if (fread(&c,1,1,fd)!=1) ProgError("GIF: read error" );
   if (LWZReadByte(fd, TRUE, c) < 0) ProgError("GIF: bad code in image" );
   /* read the file */
   { if ((v = LWZReadByte(fd,FALSE,c)) < 0 ) ProgError("GIF: too short");
   while (LWZReadByte(fd,FALSE,c)>=0);  /* ignore extra data */
this is an extract of the deutex code, you can find the full one here.

So my question is: someone know what is happening here?

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I haven't looked into any details, but it almost has to be one of the following:

1. The GIF is of an format not supported by Deutex (There's a GIF87, and a GIF89, I believe).

2. The GIF is *slightly* damaged, making it fail Deutex checks, but maybe close enough that the source editor could work with it without problems.

3. The Deutex checks are incorrectly flagging a valid GIF as damaged.

4. The GIF is truly damaged, and Deutex is reporting it properly.

For issue #1 thru #3, maybe you can export the GIF, import it into an image editor, save it to another format, and finally bring it back into the WAD, bypassing the issue.

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Protox ran into the same problem once, so instead he just saved the image in a different image editor and it worked.

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Thank you deutex wizards, i converted them to .bmp and now it work (albeit with a warning message about the quantization being slow). It was probably my image converter doing something finniky, so for the time being i'll keep them to .bmp until i find a compatible converter.

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