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down to up lift

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Is there anyway to make lifts that start on it's lowered position and then goes up, and repeats this process, because i only could find lifts that start up, and then go down.

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There are elevator specials in boom that can start low and rise. Note though that they move both floor and ceiling so this sometimes isn't the desired look.

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Consider sticking to a normal "Floor Raise" action to only raise the lift, and make the lift be lowered by a separate "Floor Lower" action.

You could also make a single trigger to send a voodoo doll onto a conveyor belt to trigger some "Floor Raise" action and then some "Floor Lower" action after a fixed amount of time given by the length of the conveyor belt.

But indeed, there is no single action in Boom that'd act like a down-to-up but otherwise normal lift.

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