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Chaos Colosseum

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Something I whipped up today, it's a ZDoom map that's an endless arena deal, but with a twist: each new "round" not only dumps a new set of enemies on you, but also changes the arena itself!

Right now it's pretty proof-of-concept-y, with no real sense of progression or objective. It should be coop compatible, though I haven't tested it. Though if you want to try that, you're going to want to use Zandronum 3.0 - something behind that lacks some features necessary for this.

Download here.

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Oh man, this is pretty cool! It's also ridiculously hard since every wave is bound to spawn at least one of the tougher demons and more often than not there is nothing between you and them. I discovered just how long a Revenant missile will follow you. Forever, btw. One of the cooler moments I experienced playing around with this was watching a Mancubus and Revenant duke it out in close quarters. The Mancubus won. Then an Archvile killed me. Fraggin Archviles...

Oh yeah, a variant with a hex grid would be pretty cool I think. The squares are a bit on the bland side.

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