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Ultimate Freedoomer

Music track names, Episode 4, & E3M5

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I've been thinking:

  • Instead of using a vanilla-fied Double Impact, why don't we use the already vanilla-compatible Crusades: An Unholy War as Episode 4? This way, we wouldn't have to modify the levels for them to work with the vanilla compatibility plans for Freedoom version 1.0. Additionally, it has its own original music, so players who want unique music for episode 4 can have it as an addon in the event that their port of choice has MAPINFO support.
  • Has anyone ever thought of coming up with unique titles for the music tracks?
  • I noticed that Freedoom is pretty much complete (I got it to work in CHOCOLATE DOOM of all source-ports without any problems, which presumably means that the "vanilla compatibility" goal has been reached), save for the fact that E3M5 is still the "map not available" placeholder level. I'm thinking that we could use 1 of our original (i.e. not copied off a map from a canon Doom game), already-vanilla-compatible, cut maps.
The thing with E3M5 I could do myself. But first, would someone kindly direct me to the Freedoom resource attic so I can look for eligible maps?

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Voros has contacted me about E3M5, and I said I'd see about it. However, worst case scenario will be offering something from The Becoming when it's finished since I pretty much default to "users CAN modify, etc" permissions in my maps these days.

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Richard Wiles’ permissions don’t allow that authors use these levels as a base to build additional levels. And I guess the very same rule applies for including these levels in an IWAD.

Richard Wiles said:

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use these levels as a base to build additional

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file

Names of music lumps are hardcoded in the engine itself. It is known that you can create a BEX patch to replace music strings, to redirect music tracks so that the engine will search for the the music lump x instead of the the hardcoded y. In any case, music selection of Episode 4 is hardcoded to reuse certain music files from E1/E2/E3.

I don’t find this acceptable because plain Vanilla won’t play the expected tracks. Even Boom won't do that unless the user bothers extracting the BEX lump and loading it manually. Current goal for 1.0 is Vanilla, ignoring possible savegame buffer overflows.

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Just to be clear, when I said "music track titles", I meant PROPER NAMES, like if you wanted to copy the tracks out of the IWAD & convert them to listen to on your music player as a soundtrack album (this would actually make for a good bonus download on the page). & the thing with the music for episode 4 being hardcoded that way is why I specified having the Episode 4 OST as a NON-MANDATORY DOWNLOADABLE ADDON for users whose source port OF CHOICE supports the data lumps needed for such a thing.

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Music track names? Don't see the point there. Just call them C3M5, MAP01, etc.

Map04's music is called "MogulFreedoomMusic8"
Map14's music is called "About the Summer"
Map16's music is called "Reflection"

Just to get you started.

Also, Freedoom is still not vanilla yet. I constantly find map bugs that causes Chocolate Doom to crash.

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