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While searching through my hard drives (for something entirely unrelated), I happened to come across this webpage. I thought I'd post it here because, as it's over four years old, a lot of people here will probably have never seen it. Make sure you read from the bottom, it'll make more sense that way.

I'm sure there were some older updates on it, but I don't seem to have them anymore.

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Heh very nice, I see the wad reviewer (Some wad) hasn't changed and yes, I've almost finished watching DDS.I think it could be done even slower though!

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Ahhh, I remember the first time I punctured a Imp, and the first time I Liquifyed a Former Human......Feels like i just experienced it yesterday, i can almost smell the assfault...then again, it could just b the antibiotics im taking...Nevertheless, I think ive spent the past 8 years of my life wisely...Dooming...

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