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By D.Scratch

Discharge is a 6 Level Wad for GZDooM (Opengl), but it goal is to play similar to your original Doom 2 game.
4 off the 6 maps are already done, Each map have a different ambient and style. Starting in the normal doom 2 map style going for the hellish / surreal style

There Will be 3 boss fights, two of them is already done, and also a map select screen!

The difficulty is kinda high, the final map will be slaughterfest like, so i suggest you to play on the normal difficulty if you want only to chill.

Some weapons have been changed too ( Pistol n Chaingun now shoots faster and do 13 dmg per shot / Shotgun now deals 100 full dmg, ssg = 200 / Plasma Rifle deals more dmg)

I'm somewhere in 90% for finish this wad!
Each level is Playable from pistol start

So, i actually need some beta testing! :)
Feedback will be helpfull
!DOWNLOAD! http://www.mediafire.com/file/ymgk9gdoai21s3r/Discharge+Demo.wad

Some Pics of the current maps of the wad:

Some Pics of the not released maps:

Eriance, Dreadopp, Ghastly Dragon, Keksdose, MagicWazard, Blue Shadow, Tormentor667, FuzzballFox, Enjay, EarthQuake, CaptainToenail, Gothic Team, Lobotomy Software

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Posting to say I intend to play this at some point as it looks really good. I will likely stream it so I can provide a VOD for you. :)

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I like it! I think I'll hold out for RC1 before I play so I can get my hands on the newer maps too! :)

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Im having some werid problens with FPS in the last level, gonna have to delay the wad for a fix ^^ sry

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