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Doom 2 - ErM77

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Hi Everyone,

This Map i build 2017.


It was my first own map inspired by an Slaughterfest2012 map i think.


it´s not the best Map map but try it out.


it´s  an Slaughtermap with hard difficulty and many monsters.


download them from my Mega Account or on this Thread:



Playtrought by Ruinien1000:



on my profile there are more maps i created







ErM77 V1.2.rar

Edited by Serekay

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There won't be more tracks from it ?, with so many opponents it would be good to have 32 even with secret tracks.

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For a first map this is very impressive. I personally don't like slaughtermaps that much, but there was clearly alot of effort put into this based on your playthrough. 

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Yeah, even the beginning is cruel, so it would be good to have more of these.

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I Work on a map like okuplokv32, but it still needs much time to Finish it. I Like to build smaller Maps because there are faster to finish.


Maybe in September i releasey other Maps.

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It doesn't matter if a lot of the time it's just natural just be good long let me look at one with maximum size.

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